Suriname Presidential Candidate Promotes Bitcoin As New Legal Tender

Key Points:

  • Maya Parbhoe, running for Suriname’s presidency in 2025, proposes adopting Bitcoin to empower citizens and address economic challenges.
  • Inspired by El Salvador, the Suriname presidential candidate aims to implement Bitcoin integration independently of local government influence.
Maya Parbhoe, a Suriname presidential candidate in the upcoming 2025 elections, has put forward a bold proposal to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, following in the footsteps of El Salvador‘s pioneering move last year.

Suriname Presidential Candidate Maya Parbhoe Advocates Bitcoin Adoption

Parbhoe argues that embracing Bitcoin will empower Surinamese citizens by wresting control from oppressive institutions and fostering economic autonomy.

Highlighting Suriname’s current economic struggles, including high inflation and extensive public spending, Parbhoe sees Bitcoin as a transformative tool to counter these challenges. In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, the Suriname presidential candidate commended El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele for his proactive stance in integrating Bitcoin into national financial systems.

To facilitate her vision, Parbhoe has taken steps to distance herself from the Surinamese government, incorporating her business abroad. THE strategic move aims to shield her Bitcoin-focused technology initiatives from local political interference, allowing her to concentrate on solutions that she believes will benefit the populace.

Parbhoe Looks to International Bitcoin Fundraising for 2025 Campaign

Expressing optimism about Bitcoin’s potential to bolster financial connectivity for Surinamese citizens, Parbhoe aims to leverage international fundraising efforts, accepting Bitcoin donations to finance her presidential campaign. She acknowledges the financial advantage held by established political parties but remains confident in garnering support from the global Bitcoin community.

Looking ahead, Parbhoe envisions a future where Suriname adopts a Bitcoin standard while proceeding cautiously with the privatization of industries. With the election scheduled for May 2025, she faces a formidable challenge against well-funded opponents but remains steadfast in her commitment to leveraging Bitcoin’s potential for national advancement.

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