Somnis Rumble Rush Goes Live on Immutable zkEVM

Immutable, a prominent Ethereum-based forum for developing Web3 games, has recently announced an exclusive project. As the platform noted, it is unveiling a cutting-edge evolution in the sector of real-time casual strategy gaming with Somnis Rumble Rush. The company took to the social media platform X to disclose the respective initiative.

Somnis Rumble Rush is launching on Immutable zkEVM, powered by @0xPolygon!@overtake_world, led by former @EA GM renowned for leading FIFA Online generating over $600M annually is bringing Somnis Rumble Rush for everyone to play on Immutable.

Somnis Rumble Rush is the next…

— Immutable (@Immutable) June 7, 2024

Immutable zkEVM Launches a Distinctive Gaming Project ‘Somnis Rumble Rush’

In its latest X post, the platform pointed out that Polygon reportedly powers this endeavor. Polygon operates as a decentralized rollup and benefits from the local transfer execution and the storage of private data. The Immutable ecosystem is endeavoring to power the upcoming generation of the games in Web3 with the latest technologies.

In this respect, the platform discussed its successful endeavor which is the Web3-based gaming project OVERTAKE. According to the company, the former General Manager from the gaming platform EA is a significant contributor to this project. Electronic Arts is a well-known gaming platform that made an effective position in the market with FIFA Online. In line with the reports, the company is making more than 600 million in revenue every year.

The Development Aims to Provide an Unparalleled Gaming Experience

As Immutable specified, OVERTAKE will enhance the accessibility of Somnis Rumble Rush. As a result of this, everyone will be able to play the respective game on Immutable. The platform revealed that Somnis Rumble Rush is a leap forward to evolve the gaming sector. Immutable clarified that the project is a mobile-based game. The respective game presents a combination of immersive PC RTS game content and strategic depth.

Apart from that, the game also provides accessibility and convenience to the players. Byoung Jae Lee from Somnis Rumble Rush also commented on this development. As per him, the vision and technology of Immutable will assist Somnis Rumble Rush in offering a high-quality and seamless gaming experience.


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