Smart Bitcoin Statement Issued by Michael Saylor as BTC Dumps 4.15%

Michael Saylor, Bitcoin evangelist and founder and chairman of the MicroStrategy business intelligence giant, has issued a major statement on Bitcoin.

Saylor’s statement took place while the asset’s price demonstrated a mild dip of more than 4%.

Saylor makes bullish Bitcoin statement

The MicroStrategy founder tweeted “Think Better,” where the “B” looks like a Bitcoin logo. It was followed by another, more recent tweet, which stated “Indulge in Bitcoin.”

Think ₿etter

— Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) May 7, 2024

Prior to that, he issued a bullish Bitcoin tip – “run with the bulls.” This message from the BTC evangelist came after the world’s leading cryptocurrency staged a minor decline of 4.15% over the last two days.

Indulge in #Bitcoin

— Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) May 8, 2024

Bitcoin left the $65,177 level behind, falling to the $62,550 price line after the recent impressive 10% growth BTC staged over the weekend. That price surge was powered by the Grayscale spot BTC ETF, GBTC, receiving the first inflow ever since the ETF launch in January this year. For all that time, GBTC had been facing only regular and stable Bitcoin withdrawals until last Friday.

Saylor’s BTC statement on Berkshire Hathaway

On Saturday, the MicroStrategy founder published a tip from the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, legend of the investment world Warren Buffett.

Saylor tweeted that “Bitcoin is hope” for Berkshire Hathaway. This tweet was published after the first meeting of Buffett’s company’s shareholders this year. It was the first ever meeting that took place without Buffett’s right-hand man and vice president of the company Charlie Munger. He passed away in November last year, just a month before turning 100 years old.

Buffett is, just like Munger was, known to be a persistent Bitcoin critic, calling it “rat poison squared” during a shareholder meeting in 2018.

Currently, Berkshire Hathaway’s market capitalization comprises $862.05 billion, while the same metric for Bitcoin shows $1,230,111,456,988.


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