Robinhood CEO Tenev Announces AI Research Lab Launch

While there are a plethora of reliable applications in the segment of text AI chatbots, this sphere still badly needs a fast and robust instrument for mathematical operations, the Robinhood CEO admits.

Robinhood CEO launches Harmonic math AI lab

Vlad Tenev, CEO of popular trading platform Robinhood, announces the inception of Harmony, a commercial artificial intelligence research laboratory. The initiative will be focused on building Mathematical Superintelligence (MSI), Tenev shared on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

Announcing the formation of Harmonic, a commercial AI research lab building Mathematical Superintelligence (MSI). 1/

— Vlad Tenev (@vladtenev) June 10, 2024

In this case, Mathematical Superintelligence should be considered artificial intelligence with mathematical reasoning capabilities greater than those of all humans.

While modern large language models are capable of producing language that sounds and feels human, they demonstrate much poorer performance when it comes to math operations.

Meanwhile, bringing to life AI-powered mathematical instruments might be of paramount importance to a wide range of scientific disciplines:

Mathematics was invented as a valuable tool by early humans to precisely solve this problem. It allows us to rigorously define and align on a common truth and is the foundation for all scientific discovery.

Instead of addressing growing needs by building “larger and larger language models,” Tenev’s new initiative will be focused on multi-purpose verifiably accurate tooling.

Robinhood made headlines with Bitstamp acquisition

Tenev introduced Standford’s AI veteran and Helm.ai CTO Tudor Achim as the CEO of the new venture. The Robinhood CEO will hold the role of executive chairman.

The new project will be run separately from Robinhood, and Tenev’s position will be non-operations, a statement says.

As covered by U.Today previously, Robinhood decided to purchase cryptocurrency giant Bitstamp for $200 million.

With this acquisition finalized, Robinhood will to leverage Bitstamp’s collection of active licenses and registrations around the world.


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