NodeMonkes leads NFT sales with over US$1 million in a day

NodeMonkes, a Bitcoin-based Ordinals collection topped CryptoSlam’s daily non-fungible tokens (NFT) sales chart on Monday with over US$1 million in sales.

NodeMonkes is the top Bitcoin collection with US$232.28 million in all-time sales, which ranks it 26th in the entire NFT market.

Guild of Guardians Avatars opened the week on the second spot after dominating last week’s sales charts.

The digital assets based on Immutable’s mobile role-playing game had US$927,430 million in sales, a slight dip from the previous day.

In third place, Bitcoin Puppets, also on the Bitcoin blockchain, generated US$906,427.

Ranked fourth was DMarket on the Mythos blockchain with US$685,469 in daily sales. Bored Ape Yacht Club, an Ethereum-based collection, ranked fifth with sales of US$420,713.

NodeMonke’s lead pushed the Bitcoin network to the top of the daily blockchain rank for NFT sales. Bitcoin had US$5.3 million in sales on Monday, up from US$3.21 million on Sunday.

Bitcoin’s surge comes after the global NFT market closed its worst monthly performance since October with US$604 million in sales. It’s the first time this year that the global market had less than US$1 billion in monthly sales.

Ethereum last month had the lowest number of unique NFT buyers since June 2021.

Ethereum closed Monday with the second-most NFT sales with US$4.2 million.


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