Litentry and EFAS Partner to Revolutionize GameFi Identity

Litentry, an identity oracle built on TEE, is excited to reveal its partnership with Earth From Another Sun (EFAS) during Season 2. This partnership is expected to transform the identity of GameFi with the help of Litentry’s IdentityHub and its VC rating system.

🌟We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with @PlayEFAS during our Season 2!@PlayEFAS is transforming the MMO landscape with its approach to open-world galactic domination. This looter-shooter game lets players command armies and conquer planets. With over 150,000 Steam…

— Litentry (@litentry) June 7, 2024

EFAS Collaboration with Litentry Revolutionizes Gaming Privacy

Earth From Another Sun is arriving to redefine the possibilities of the open world MMO games and take over the galaxy. The game blends the concept of a looter-shooter with strategy where players take control of armies and take over planets.

EFAS is already receiving much attention even before it has released its official beta version with over 150000 people adding it to their Steam wishlists and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Having secured funding from Solana and Lightspeed, the game has 20,000 paying web2 base, pointing to the game’s prospects and popularity.

Additionally, the collaboration with EFAS will add a new layer in the GameFi landscape for Litentry. Through the cooperation, they will combine efforts to improve the privacy and security in the gaming identity management through Litentry advanced TEE-based technology. IdentityHub, which has introduced a VC scoring mechanism, will help in providing a personalized and secure gameplay experience for the end-game community.

This pretty much gives the freedom for user privacy and at the same time, it provides an authentic way of verifying the gaming identity of the player with a score. The addition of this technology will enable EFAS to provide its users with an extra security layer and further the customization of the gaming platform to comply with the increased demand for privacy-focused product offerings in the online world.

Litentry and EFAS Transform Gaming with Secure Identity Solutions

The company also unveils integration of its platform with EFAS, which will bring financial independence to professional esports players. This will improve the gaming experience as a whole. It will also provide an opportunity for players to monetize their own skills and assets.

While the broader crypto and gaming spaces still in their infancy, the collaboration between Litentry and EFAS takes the lead on deploying advanced identity solutions into gaming. This collaboration shows unwavering dedication to advancing the standards of innovation and security.


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