Illuvium is launching on 25th of July with new features

Illuvium Game Studio recently announced July 25 as the release date of its upcoming blockchain game. The launch comes after a series of play-to-earn airdrops as part of Private Beta 4 and the open beta Testnet launched on May 28.

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The game’s development team has delayed its release to include new features, such as an Arena mode that comes with a new weapons system and a Gauntlet mode. Similarly, it will also feature the Overworld mode with NPC interactions, combat, character customizations, economy adjustments, and more. Along with that, the Zero mode will support mobile devices like iOS/Android and feature several new missions.

According to a Twitter announcement, Illuvium’s team will also release a cinematic trailer for the game on Friday, June 7, at 18:00 UTC.

Coming This Friday 1800 UTC.

— Illuvium (@illuviumio) June 6, 2024

Some features may be skipped in the launch

Illuvium’s team has further clarified in a post on its official website that it does not guarantee that all the features will be ready and included in the launch. However, it does intend to include as many features as possible. Here’s a complete list of the planned features:

  • Arena: Gauntlet Mode, New Weapons System
  • Overworld: Combat, NPC interactions, Economy adjustments, Character Customization, Force UX Revamp
  • Zero: Missions, PC/Mac Support with Mobile UI, iOS/Play Store
  • Backend/Security: Maintenance – Game Pauses

To clarify things for the community and answer questions, Illuvium also organized a Town Hall meeting on its official Discord channel on Thursday at 20:00 UTC. The meeting was announced in a Twitter post earlier in the day.

📢Town Hall with @KieranWarwick Starting in 30 minutes! Live on the Official Illuvium Discord Stage! Don’t miss this live event! #Web3gaming #Illuvium

— Illuvium (@illuviumio) June 6, 2024

Players can now access the Open Beta Testnet

Illuvium Open Beta Testnet (Source: @illuviumio on X)

While the Open Beta Mainnet is set to launch on July 25, players can access its Open Beta Testnet and voluntarily explore the game to provide feedback to the developers. This Testnet will give players the chance to win rewards from a shared pool of 30,000 $ILV. Out of these 30,000 $ ILVs, around 10,000 $ ILVs worth $856,000 were recently added to the pool.

Cryptopolitan reporting by Shummas Humayun


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