Grayscale Poll: U.S. Voters Want Presidential Candidates to Understand Crypto

A new Grayscale Harris Poll survey reveals that U.S. voters increasingly view cryptocurrency as a key issue in the upcoming presidential election, with significant interest in potential Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs. This growing interest comes as the two leading candidates, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, present contrasting visions for the future of crypto in the U.S.

Despite initial skepticism, Trump has promised supporters a positive crypto future leading up to the election, becoming the first U.S. presidential candidate to accept campaign donations in Bitcoin. Though Biden has taken a more cautious stance, voters across party lines hold similar crypto ownership rates, with 18% of Republicans and 19% of Democrats owning crypto.

Crypto journalist Colin Wu highlighted on X (formerly Twitter) that the survey found nearly 25% of U.S. voters would be more likely to invest in Ethereum if a Spot Ethereum ETF were approved.

Grayscale survey shows that if the Ethereum (spot) ETF is approved, nearly 25% of potential US voters will be more interested in investing in Ethereum. Nearly half of voters (47%) expect to include cryptocurrencies in their portfolios, up from 40% at the end of last year.…

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) July 6, 2024

While Bitcoin’s prominence is growing in the U.S., interest extends beyond it. Approximately 32% of voters expressed a desire to learn more about cryptocurrencies and crypto investments. 23% see crypto as a good long-term investment, and 47% plan to include it in their portfolios.

An earlier phase of the survey, conducted in May 2024, found that 77% of voters believe presidential candidates should improve their understanding of crypto. The survey also cited favorable economic conditions as a factor driving increased crypto acceptance and adoption, with nearly 50% of respondents expressing interest in crypto investments.

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