Ernest Cline & Readyverse Studios Unveil New Trailer for The Readyverse

Readyverse Studios, in collaboration with renowned author Ernest Cline, unveiled an exciting new trailer at the Consensus event, offering the first-ever glimpse into The Readyverse. This next-generation immersive platform promises to revolutionize how we interact with metaverse games and experiences, seamlessly integrating Web3 and AIGC technologies.

The Readyverse, developed by Futureverse, is poised to become the premier digital hub for discovering interconnected metaverse experiences. The trailer showcases a tantalizing preview of this cutting-edge technology, emphasizing user-centric features that bring the digital experience to life.

Key Features Highlighted in the Trailer

AI Curator: Your personal AI companion, designed to craft and curate personalized experiences.
Surreal Estate: Unique, user-owned, AI-generated personal environments.
Avatars: 3D game-ready characters.
Wearables: Swappable and tradable wearables and accessories.
Generative AI: Tools to create 3D objects, environments, and music using generative AI.

The Readyverse aims to be the ultimate destination for fans eager to explore their favorite stories and intellectual properties within the metaverse. By leveraging advanced technologies in web3, augmented reality, and virtual reality, Readyverse Studios is set to redefine digital interaction and storytelling.

For a deeper dive into The Readyverse, early access sign-ups, and live updates, visit and follow @thereadyverse on Instagram and X.

About Readyverse Studios

Readyverse Studios is a cutting-edge metaverse technology and experience studio co-founded by Shara Senderoff, Aaron McDonald (Futureverse Co-Founders), Ernest Cline (best-selling author and creator of Ready Player One), and Dan Farah (producer of the Ready Player One film). Together, they are pioneering the next era of immersive digital experiences.


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