CU, together with MiL.k, unveils their metaverse game Play CU X MiL.k

CU and MiL.k deliver their metaverse game Play CU X MiL.k within The Sandbox, connecting the space between Web2 and Web3.

For the uninitiated, CU is a top-of-the-line departmental store based in South Korea, whereas MiL.k is basically a blockchain-oriented loyalty incorporation platform.

Through their released game, Play CU X MiL.k, players can connect with their favored department store via extremely engaging gaming content. They will also have the option of interacting with the CU’s mascots, such as K-ROO, SHYROO, and HAROO.

The Play CU X MiL.k event will commence on June 5th and run until the 25th of the month.

The plan is to allocate an amount of 15,000 SAND (Polygon) amongst users successfully going through all quests.

For taking part in the event, gamers will be required to connect with the Play CU X MiL.k exposure in The Sandbox. Following that, we will obtain thirty MLK coins and exchange them for three exclusive items, including BAKEHOUSE405 bread and Coffee and Yonsei Cream Bread, at the online CU departmental store to finish the event quest.

Being on MiL.k will offer users the option of incorporating reward points about various solution businesses within the sole asset, MLK Coin, a cryptocurrency. This will enable users to exchange for reward points with certain discounts.

In the case of CU, it is a top departmental outlet in South Korea.


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