Crypto.com App now offers a new payment facility

Crypto.com users have the ability to initiate a Strike or UpDown options trade by converting their crypto to American dollars. The new payment facility makes use of any token available in the user’s balance, which is a notable attraction. Another exciting news for crypto enthusiasts is that the Crypto.com app supports more than 350 cryptocurrencies. The meticulous and quick process makes Crypto.com stand out from other popular cryptocurrency trading applications.

Strike Options is an amazing crypto derivative product that offers handsome returns. Forthright transactions, inexpensive trading, and visibly defined risk potential are the magnificent benefits of the recently introduced payment facility, which has already become immensely popular among the crypto trading community. Crypto options are trading option contracts with cryptocurrency as an underlying digital asset, and the underlying asset is Bitcoin or Ethereum in almost all cases.

It is possible to trade on the Crypto.com app for just $10, and Strike Options provides a clear idea of the potential profits and losses before starting crypto trading. UpDown Options is a CFTC-controlled cryptocurrency product that offers immense benefits to customers. It gives a fine opportunity to select Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. UpDown options are currently only available to US-based customers, but they will soon expand to other countries.

UpDown Options are a unique option that terminates automatically, safeguarding assets from significant losses. With UpDown options, risk management is effortless, and they are a collateralized trading product. Wire transfer and ACH direct deposit are the prominent funding methods available in UpDown options. UpDown Options is a simplified American variant of an options contract for Bitcoin and Ethereum that is equipped with all the necessary functionality for a modern trading platform.

Crypto.com rose to fame as a comprehensive trading and investing ecosystem with unique features. It extends full-fledged support to trading, staking, nonfungible tokens, and investing. Crypto.com’s affordable fees and discounts make it one of the best crypto platforms in the modern era. It is the best choice for those who are passionate about exploring the vast opportunities of cryptocurrency investment.

Hardware wallet support is another distinguishing trait of Crypto.com apart from offering its credit card! The user community can buy, sell, and trade a wide array of cryptocurrencies with the Crypto.com app. It will be the ultimate choice for those keen on buying and holding crypto products like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The fees associated with Crypto.com are only 0.75%, and costs will increase depending on high trading volume. Crypto.com is the provider of a distinct suite of crypto-related products. An extensive list of currencies, cheap pricing, and exquisite features make Crypto.com a favorable option for budding crypto enthusiasts and seasoned folks.

It is recommended for those expecting something more from cryptocurrency instead of just buying and holding it. Crypto.com is a desirable platform for active traders, and anyone interested in using crypto as a real currency can experience the advantages of Crypto.com. The list of popular digital assets available on Crypto.com is inclusive of Cardano and Polkadot.


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