Community Gaming Integrates with Mantle Network to Enhance Competitive Gaming Payouts

Community Gaming, the leading competitive gaming platform for tournaments, announced a strategic partnership with Mantle Network, a Layer-2 blockchain solution designed to scale Ethereum. This collaboration aims to enhance the gaming experience by leveraging Mantle’s fast transaction speeds and low gas fees, making it the perfect match for scaling its competitive ecosystem.

Community Gaming (CG) provides a practical use case of blockchain technology that simplifies onboarding and solves real gaming problems. CG’s automated solution uses smart contracts, allowing instant payment distribution to thousands of players in a single event.

Level up! Welcome to Mantle Ecosystem, @CommunityGaming 🎮

CG showcases how blockchain tech can simplify onboarding and solve real gamer problems.

— Mantle (@0xMantle) July 4, 2024

This partnership is ushering in a new era for GameFi, positioning Community Gaming as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in the Crypto Games space. By integrating real games, CG addresses a crucial void that has long been overlooked in the GameFi sector. Mantle’s support is expected to help Community Gaming pave the way for blockchain technology to reach unprecedented heights of adoption in the gaming industry.

Points System and User Engagement

The partnership has also powered CG’s recently unveiled points system, encouraging meaningful engagement and rewarding users for valuable actions throughout the platform. This includes performing well in tournaments, completing quests, making gaming predictions, and participating in daily spins.

By partnering with Mantle Network to power its points system, Community Gaming is taking a significant step forward in its mission to make competitive gaming more rewarding for users. Mantle Network will enable faster, more efficient, and cost-effective transactions, allowing users to focus on competing and winning.

With Mantle Network’s advanced blockchain infrastructure, CG can offer a more streamlined and efficient tournament experience. Players can expect near real-time transaction confirmations, reduced latency, and significantly lower costs when participating in tournaments. This partnership will enable CG to introduce new features and rewards, enhancing the competitive gaming ecosystem.


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