Bitcoin Can Support Triple Market Cap With Price Reaching $265,000: CryptoQuant CEO

CryptoQuant CEO suggests Bitcoin could sustain a $265,000 price, backed by network fundamentals that support three times its previous cyclical top.

A recent analysis by Ki Young Ju, founder & CEO of CryptoQuant, compares Bitcoin’s price and the associated hash rate/market cap ratio, highlighting the crypto’s ongoing volatility and the resilience of its network. The market analyst believes Bitcoin has the potential to sustain a price of $265K.

#Bitcoin network fundamentals could support a market cap three times its current size compared to the last cyclical top, potentially sustaining a price of $265K.

— Ki Young Ju (@ki_young_ju) May 8, 2024

Bitcoin Price and Hashrate Trends

According to the accompanying chart, Bitcoin’s price, represented by a gray line, has shown significant volatility from July 2020 through early 2024. After a sharp increase to about $60,000 by April 2021, the price experienced a series of declines and recoveries.

Bitcoin Hashrate Market Cap Ratio | CryptoQuant

As of early 2024, Bitcoin’s price once again approached these previous highs, suggesting a possible resurgence in investor interest and market activity.

Parallel to the price fluctuations, the hashrate/market cap ratio, depicted in purple, has shown a noteworthy increase. This ratio, which assesses the growth of mining activity relative to the market capitalization, began at a low point in early 2020 but climbed steeply alongside the rise in Bitcoin’s price until early 2021.

The sustained or rising hashrate during periods of price stabilization or decline indicates a growing miner commitment.

An annotated horizontal line indicates that at the same price level as in previous cycles, the Bitcoin network now supports three times the hashrate, implying greater network security and miner investment. As of January 2024, both the price and the hashrate-to-market cap ratio are at a high point.

Shifts in Bitcoin Mining Operations

This review comes at a crucial time as major crypto mining companies like Hut 8 report significant operational changes.

Hut 8, a major North American crypto mining firm, experienced a 36% reduction in Bitcoin production in April due to the relocation of over 25,000 mining machines. Despite this temporary drop, the strategic relocation suggests a long-term vision for optimizing mining operations.

Furthermore, Marathon Digital Holdings, another key player in the sector, is expanding its operations to Kenya. According to a local report, Marathon has begun consultations with the National Treasury and Ministry of Energy to discuss the energy requirements for cryptocurrency mining.

The Technical End

On the technical end, the current market analysis shows Bitcoin trading at around $62,150 with a 24-hour trading volume significantly impacting its market cap.

Bitcoin 4H Chart

Technical indicators like the Bollinger Bands and Relative Strength Index on the trading charts suggest moderate volatility with potential for future price movements. The trading patterns observed indicate that while the market faces certain resistance levels, there is potential for recovery as seen in past fluctuations.


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