Bitcoin (BTC) Operation in Çorum!

According to the news of IHA, the person who was mining Bitcoin (BTC) with illegal electricity in Çorum’s Alaca district was caught.

The person who rented an old unused sock factory in Çorum was caught in the operation organized by Çorum Provincial Police Department’s Cyber Crimes Department and Alaca District Police Department teams.

While the teams caught the 29-year-old person named SA after 2 months of technical and physical tracking, they seized 16 devices used in Bitcoin production and the internet connection system connected to it, one of which was worth 10 thousand dollars. The teams stated that the value of the devices was 5 million TL.

During the search, it was determined that SA was operating the devices by drawing illegal electricity.

After the operation, a person named SA was detained, and it was stated that the investigation continued.

*This is not investment advice.


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