Binance Forms Artificial Superintelligence Alliance: Crypto’s AI Powerhouse?

Binance has completed the merger of three prominent AI tokens – Fetch.ai (FET), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), and SingularityNET (AGIX) – into a single token under the banner, Artificial Superintelligence Alliance. This move, aimed at fostering innovation in AI and blockchain technology, allows users to deposit and withdraw the unified FET token and streamlines the operations of these formerly separate projects.

“Binance has completed the OCEAN and AGIX token merge to FET using the new project name Artificial Superintelligence Alliance. Deposits and withdrawals for the FET tokens are now open.”

According to the announcement, users can convert OCEAN and AGIX tokens to FET tokens through Binance’s convert function at the following rates:

– 1 OCEAN = 0.433226 FET

– 1 AGIX = 0.433350 FET

However, withdrawals for OCEAN and AGIX will no longer be available after the merge.

Market reaction to the merger has been mixed. The FET/USDC trading pair experienced fluctuations, dropping 4.28% to currently trade at $1.163. Conversely, FET/BTC and FET/BNB pairs saw slight gains of 0.57% and 4.64%, respectively.

Overall, Fetch.AI’s FET has garnered significant attention from both retail and institutional investors, with a noticeable increase in active addresses.

📈 Pepe, https://t.co/DoCdKzYGLd, and Ethereum Name Service all have one thing in common – sudden huge spikes in network growth. When coins see a surge in new addresses being created, it is often related to FOMO because of climbing prices (like with ENS), or a potential breakout. pic.twitter.com/d6TRtosomK

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) July 2, 2024

Data platform Santiment recently observed that the sudden network growth was primarily driven by FOMO (fear of missing out) and is likely short-lived. The token merger, initially planned for June, was postponed to July, with market experts warning of potential FET token volatility until then.

The token merge is part of Binance’s broader plan to innovate and provide a seamless trading experience for its users. The Artificial Superintelligence Alliance represents a strategic alignment of the three projects, potentially leading to further advancements in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Users are advised to monitor official Binance announcements for additional information.

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